Dental Services

Our state-of-the-art facility is one you can be proud of! 

With the latest 21st century technology, spacious waiting rooms, and relaxing patient rooms, you can be sure to enjoy your trip to the dentist no matter the circumstance! 




*Latex Free


*Root Canals

*Cosmetic Dentistry

*Lost Fillings Replaced

*Broken Teeth Repaired

*Periodontal Treatments

*Toothache Appointments

*Botox & Filler treatments

*Teeth Whitening Options

*Routine Dental Check-ups

*Nitrous Oxide Gas Available 

*Custom-fitted Mouthguards

*Implant Services & Restorations

*CEREC Crowns in One Appointment

*Fillings - White Resin and Silver Amalgam

*Invisalign – the clear alternative to braces

*Botox & Filler treatments

*Partial Dentures, Full Dentures & Denture Repairs

& More!